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Langzeitspass mit Scammer

Beitrag von konsonant, am 26.01.2012
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Alle Mails im Original von gestern und heute.
Sorry für die Überlänge, ich hätte nicht gedacht, wie ausdauernd und dämlich so ein Scammer ist:

Heute morgen mal wieder eine der unsäglich dümmlichen Scam-Mails erhalten, natürlich ganz persönlich an 'undisclosed recipients', wie mans so macht, wenn man in Not ist und erwartet, dass einem jemand wirklich schnell hilft:

From: Johan Cornelis <>
To: undisclosed recipients: ;
Subject: Sorrowful Trip(I need your help)....Johan Cornelis
I'm writing to let you know that my family and i are stuck in London, UK has been a mess We got mugged last night at gun point and lost all cash,credit card and cell phone. It has been a scary experience,Thank God we still got our life and passport saved here with us.
Our return fight leaves in some hours from now but we are having problems settling our hotel bills, i need you to loan me some money, I'll refund it back to you as soon as we arrive back home Kindly let me know if you can be of help so that i can tell you how to wire the money to me via western union.

Awaiting your positive response.

CORNELIS JohanZaakvoerder / Manager
Ready for Solutions BVBA

Interimmanagement - Change Management - OrganisationGeneral Management - Financial Management - Supply Chain
Kurzes googeln ergibt, dass die Firma und Person wirklich existiert, die Daten hat der Scammer von von der Website geklaut.
Die ursprüngliche Mail wurde von einem Server in Istanbul via Yahoo ausgeliefert, die restlichen Mails wurden in Lagos, Nigeria eingespeist (Überraschung!).
Während ich die Mail dem SpamAssassin zum fressen gebe, packt mich der Übermut und ich antworte dem unverschuldet in Not geratenen Johan (mich interessieren auch die Scamtarife):

Dear Johan,
sorry to hear about that. Of course i will help you. Please mail amount needed and transfer details. Hope to hear soon.
Kind regards

...und 20 Minuten später ist die Antwort da:

Glad you replied back to my email, we are freaked out at the moment, I'm grateful to God that we still have our life and passport save here with us because it would have been worst if they made away with our passport. as we speak all we need is $1,700 to sort all our bills here i promise to refund you as soon as i am back home today you can have it wired to my name via Western Union, all you need is the name on my passport and current location Here's my info below:
Name:Johan Cornelis
Location: 46 Norfolk Square London W2 1RT, United Kingdom
Once this is done, kindly get back to me with the confirmation number (MTCN)Please let me know if you're going to Western Union outlet now
Awaiting your positive response..

... na ja, bescheiden ist er nicht, aber woll'n mal nicht so sein. Dafür muss er aber auch Hausaufgaben machen:

Hi Johan,
always glad when i can help. Just was round the corner at the WU office. However, the clerk there told me that they have a new Fraud Protection System (WUFPS) which requires an authenticy certificate of the receiver. So kindly send a scan of your passport asap, so that i can send the money today. I'm out in the afternoon, so better hurry up :-)
Good luck

... das schmeckt ihm natürlich nicht:

Thanks for all you have done to get us out of here but unfortunately, there is no way i can get the scan copy to you at this time. Is there a way you could do it on their website? I mean online instead. Let me know asap.

... so einfach kommst Du mir nicht davon, jetzt mach ich mal auf tattrig:

Hello Johan,
oh no, that is much too complicated for me, you, see, i am 79 and so glad just to master my email. Why don't you ask an officer in a police station to do it for you. I have been in London once, and found the police very helpful (you sure went to police station to report the mugging, didn't you?) I hope you can find i way i can help you, but without the passport it is not possible for me
Blessing to you

... die Ausrede ist jetzt eher schwach – ich bin enttäuscht:

OMG,We have been to the police and the embassy for help but they said we should come back in the next 2weeks,coming back home is the best option for now

... aber großzügig wie ich bin, geb ich ihm noch eine Chance:

That is not very helpful.. I have another idea: I got a friend in London that could help me out.. You could pick up the money from him. Where are you staying in London right now?
If you give me the street address, he can pick you up and give you the money too
That would be the ideal solution, i think
Still hoping to help you

... jetzt wird er aber richtig pampig und wirr – das ist unprofessionell (aber na ja, er hat auch eins mit der Knarre auf die Nuss bekommen):

Omg...James are you kidding me or what if i wasn't the one i will not ask you to wire money to my name because we both know I'll show my passport as an ID to identify myself before i can receive the money and kindly put yourself in my current predicament, you know if you are the one in need I'll sure help you out without asking any question and i am freaked out and mentally unbalanced right now due to the shock of the mugging and i was hit on my head with a Gun...Please kindly wire the money to me now as i have a limited time here and I promise to refund you back the money as soon as i am back home. Let me know if you are wiring the money now.
I owe you a lot,

... ich werde ihn mal milde tadeln:

Hello Johan,
i am quite astonished to hear such harsh words from you. Wasn't my proposal for your very best. What better could happen to you than to get the money in cash from hand to hand? As of what you write about Western Union, I do not know about these subtleties. So where are you staying?
Still trying to help you, though it is not easy
Including you in my prayers

... es wirkt, er fängt sich wieder:

I am really freaked out here and scared to meet anyone or go out of here now.You can also have the money wire to me online with your credit card....visit you click on send money online after that you will have to register with them then you proceed to the next step, all you need is my name and location, Here's my info below:
Name:Johan Cornelis
Location: 46 Fulham Road, London, SW6 1HS, UK
Once this is done, kindly get back to me with the confirmation number (MTCN) senders name and the amount sent,
Awaiting your positive response.

... ich zieh den Enkel-Joker aus dem Ärmel (blöd wie er ist, wird er die Ironie nicht raushören):

Hello Johan,
very sorry to hear that. I think, you will need medical or psychological support very urgently. As of Western Digital: This looks very intimidating to me, but I'm expecting my grandson soon, perhaps he can help me with that.
I beg you to hold on and keep some sanity

... er wittert Morgenluft:

Are you helping with the funds now by wiring it online or you can also have the money wire to me via Money Gram, locate any Money Gram outlet or store to have the money wire to me now, all you need is my name and present location Here's my info below:
Name:Johan Cornelis
Location: 46 Norfolk Square London W2 1RT, United Kingdom
Once this is done, kindly get back to me with the Reference Number. Please let me know if you're going to the Money Gram outlet now
I owe you a lot.

... da wollen wir ihn gleich wieder ein bischen einbremsen:

Dear Johan,
i don't know what Money Gram is. But my grandson has just arrived and he said that 1700$ is way too much to get from London to Belgium. So may I ask, why you need that much money?
Helpful as ever

... ok, da weiß er Antwort:

Thanks a lot for your kind gesture towards me the $1,700 is the money for the hotel bills, cab to the airport and other expenses I promise to refund you back the money as soon as i am back home today.Money Gram is another way to wire money to me here, it's very fast and easy you can search for the nearest Money Gram outlet online at now and have the money wire to me via Money Gram or online via western union.

... wollen wir doch gleich nachbohren:

Dear Johan,
i would really like to help, but i need my grandson's help with the Western Union. He is unwilling however, as he says, he wants to see prove.
Could you therefore please tell the hotel to mail us the room bill so i can convince my grandson that you are honest (which i believe, of course). Please act quickly.
Hoping to be helpful

... jetzt fühlt er sich auf sicherem Boden:

Thanks a lot for your kind gesture towards me I'll have the hotel email you as soon as possible and have the details and the amount send to you but if you did not get any email from the hotel you can call the hotel manager on this number and talk to him directly on my behalf and know how to settle my bills and get me home today....You can contact the hotel manager on this Number +447045761718 The name of the hotel is sector hotel, Please kindly call him now because i am really freaked out here and i have a limited time before my flight.
I owe you a lot,

... wollen doch mal nach „sector hotel london“ googlen – und was ist ganz oben in der Trfferliste?
Ein Posting von 2009, mit diesem Facebook-Chat:
Beware Facebook Scams! Protect yourself!
0Wn3d Friend: Hey
0Wn3d Friend: How are you doin?
Target: good evening, Friend!
Target: i’m doing well, and you and your family?!
0Wn3d Friend: Not too good
Target: oh?
0Wn3d Friend: We are in a very deep mess
0Wn3d Friend: Glad you are here
Target: what happened?
0Wn3d Friend: We are stranded in London England
Target: WHAT?! how so?
Target: where?
Target: (in london)?
0Wn3d Friend: Kentish Town
0Wn3d Friend: We got mugged on our way back to the hotel at a gun point
Target: oh geez
Target: have you gone to the police?
Target: do you have a phone?
0Wn3d Friend: Yes,We were able to file a report to the cops and that is been Investigated
0Wn3d Friend: They made way with all we got here
0Wn3d Friend: Cash,bank cards and also the cell phone
Target: ok.
Target: i have a few friends outside of london. are you in a hotel?
0Wn3d Friend: Yes
Target: do you still have your passports?
0Wn3d Friend: Yes,I’m still safe with the Passport
Target: ok.  how long are you supposed to be in London?
0Wn3d Friend: That has been the problem
0Wn3d Friend: I seriously need your urgent help getting back home
Target: what hotel are you in?
0Wn3d Friend: Sector Hotel
0Wn3d Friend: I have a flight back home in the next 3hrs but the hotel management won’t let go
Target: do you have the hotel’s address & phone #?
0Wn3d Friend: I don,t have the #
Target: i’ll need an address
0Wn3d Friend: 151 Kentish Town Road, London, NW5 2CG
0Wn3d Friend: I’m having problem with the hotel on the bills
What happens next is that the attacker asks for a credit card...

... die Burschen haben sich in 3 Jahren nicht mal die Mühe gemacht, ihr Drehbuch zu ändern obwohl es bei Google auf Nummer 1 steht!
Natürlich bekomme ich eine Hotelbestätigung, aber eine PDF mit Briefkopf hätt ich ja schon erwartet:

We have just been informed by our client (Johan Cornelis) that you need a confirmation of the bills owed by him. I, James Fritzerberg, the managing director of sector hotel hereby confirm to you that (Johan Cornelis) is owing our hotel the sum of ($1,700) which must be paid within some hours and she has advised that the payment will be coming from you.
Once again, we advise you make this payment within the stipulated time.

Thank you,
James Fritzerberg
Managing Director
Sector Hotel
London, United Kingdom.

... soviel Mühe soll doch belohnt werden, jetzt machen wir einen Scammer richtig glücklich:

Hello Johan,
sorry, i have been out for the afternoon. Your hotel sent a confirmation as i did not doubt. So as i still do not know how to handle the Western Union website,
I gave the money in cash to my grandson and he managed to send it to you by Western Union. This is the the number he gave me, he said, this is all you would need:
MTCN 8419386228
As the hotel told me, that the hotel bill is already $ 1700, i gave him $2000 to transfer, so you could buy a flight ticket as well.
I trust in god, that you will return the money as soon as possible and include you in my prayers.
To know one has done a good deed makes for a sound sleep, as my mother always said.
Travel well, i hope to hear from you soon

.. oder doch nicht?

Omg....are you kidding me or what the MTCN you gave to me is incorrect because i just came back from the WU and i was told that they has no record for the MTCN you gave to me i was embarrassed and ashamed, please i want you to verify the MTCN very well and i want yo to get back to me with the scan receipt from the WU so that i can show them at the WU here
Hope to read from you soon

... blöd wie er ist, läuft er sicher gern nochmal:

Hello Johan,
oh, i'm sorry, i couldn' find my glasses this afternoon.
Now that i read it again, it seems i misread the 8 in the middle as a 3
So please try
MTCN 8419886228
The best to you

.. yep, war aber wieder nix:

What is the senders name and how much did he wire to me and let me have the scan receipt of the transfer because i am being ask for the scan receipt of the Transfer at the western union here.
I owe you a lot,

… Opa ist offensichtlich ein Trottel, aber ist dem Enkel zu trauen?

Hello Johan,
i'm sorry, as i told you, my grandson did it for me. He just gave me that number and said that would be enough. I gave him $ 2000 as i told you. I will see him tomorrow, but perhaps you can reach him by his mail
Perhaps the Western Union office can get direct contact with him to make things faster.
Sorry for the inconvenience, i really did my best

...ich find, jetzt wird er wieder pampig:

I just email him now please kindly call him and tell him to reply to the email he receive from me and get back to me with the full details of the transfer so that i can be able to pick the money now and get on my flight back home because i have less than 2hrs more before my flight leaves and i don't want to miss my flight.
I owe you a lot

... und der Enkel kriegts jetzt auch ab (gleich 4 Mails):

Thanks a lot for you help and concern towards my predicament Please kindly let me have the full details of the transfer from the western union. Let me have the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) Senders name and the amount you send to me.
Awaiting your positive response.

.. ich denke, wir schicken den Opa jetzt ins Bett:
Hello Johan,

i managed to reach my grandson now. This is what he told me over phone. Sorry, i got the number completely wrong, but my ears are not as they used to be, too:

Sender: Capar Melbalth
Amount: $ 2000,-
MTCN 8153954776

I hope this will settle things and that you will catch your plane and be home this evening.
This has been a very exhausting day for me, so please do all further mailing with my grandson if necessary, as i have to go to bed now.
I will include you in my prayers
Yours always

... er gibt einfach nicht auf:

Omg....James are you kidding me or what the MTCN you gave to me is incorrect because i went to the WU again and i was told that they has no record for the MTCN you gave to me i was embarrassed and ashamed, please i want you to verify the MTCN very well and i want yo to get back to me with the scan receipt from the WU so that i can show them at the WU here
Hope to read from you soon

... der Enkel zeigt sein wahres Gesicht (_wir_ ahnten es, nur der Scammer nicht):

Thank you
Hey you stupid scammer,
thanks a lot for helping me to $2000. My stupid grandpa really would have sent that money (if he could), but i think i have better use for it than you, har, har.
Why don't you go to the police and complain? ROFL :-)))

... der Scammer erweist sich als richtige Petze, aber was soll man von so einem charakterlich labilen Subjekt anderes erwarten:

This is what i got from your grandson....Let me know if you are helping with the loan now and kindly get back to me with full details of the transfer once you are done
Anhang: Enkelmail

... jetzt wird Opa aber auch sauer:

Dear Johan,
i do not understand your mail and i cannot believe it either. What is a scammer?
My grandson has always been helpful, honest and polite to me, this mail can't be his! I have no reason to doubt that you got the money, he sent you.
Are you trying to fool me and to tell me that you didn't get the money, so you don't need to pay it back? In this case i will inform the police immediately. I find it very shocking of you to try to deceive an old man! I'm excpecting your excuse and the schedule, when you will be able to pay my money back (please add extra $115,- for transfer fee)
Still trusting in your good character

... oh Mann, langsam wird’s langweilig, der kapierts nie:

Omg....James are you kidding me or what or grandson didn't wire any money to me he was just lying and gave you the wrong MTCN, refunding is not the issue for now you help me out of troubles and i'll surely refund your money back to me but he didn't wire any money to me i have been to the western union office here thrice and i was told the same thing that they have no record for the MTCN you gave to me for you to be sure he wire the money to me tell him to give you the western union receipt for the transfer and you can have it scan and send to me asap....I am freaked out here.
I owe you a lot.

... mal schaun, obs damit gut ist:

Hello Johan,

do you understand that you're accusing my grandson with a criminal offence? I phoned with him and he sweared he sent the money and i believe him. Still i want to see the best in you and give you a chance to prove you are right. Please go to the Western Union office and have them send an official writing to me, that they didn't receive the money. I want an official writing, not just an email!!
Otherwise i'm going to inform the police.

Kind regards

... jetzt ist Ruhe, eine PDF mit Western Union Briefkopf scheint ihn dann doch zu überfordern - Gottseidank!

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genial am 14.07.2012
sauber dass du das so lange durchgezogen hast! kaum zu glauben, dass ich es bis zum ende gelesen habe =)

amp amp nico am 06.02.2012
@OidBoy: BlueMovie3 hoffe ich doch?
@Rest: Was zur hölle ist ein 'blau und unterstrichenes passport.jpg'?

oidBoy am 06.02.2012
Wenns nicht doppelt gepostet ist, kann ichs nicht zur Kenntnis nehmen. Ich bitte, dies zur Kenntnis zu nehmen.

Uncooler Franke am 06.02.2012
Familienbetrieb eben.

Nachname am 06.02.2012 Franken Deutschland
@Nachdenklicher DJ-Leser
Kim ist in diesem Fall aber der Nachname.
Ist im finsterstem Bayern auch so üblich:
der Meier Sepp, Huber Schorsch, die Müller Lisl usw

Nachname am 06.02.2012 Franken Deutschland
@Nachdenklicher DJ-Leser
Kim ist in diesem Fall aber der Nachname.
Ist im finsterstem Bayern auch so üblich:
der Meier Sepp, Huber Schorsch, die Müller Lisl usw

Faehnrich Kim am 06.02.2012
Das solltest Du jemanden fragen, der von dort kommt.
Ich bin leider gerade unterwegs und kann mich nicht darum kümmern.

Nachdenklicher DJ-Leser am 06.02.2012
> "Lieber Kim,"

Kim Jong-un, Kim Jong-il, Kim Il-sung - wieso heißen die Nordkoreaner eigentlich alle Kim mit Vornamen?

oidBoy am 02.02.2012
Lieber Kim,

ich kannte deinen Vater sehr gut, gemeinsam haben wir so manche Flasche geleert und so manchen Blue Movie angeschaut.

Das Koreanische ist dem Thailändischen auf den ersten Blick sehr ähnlich, allerdings heisst das, ganz zufällig- auf thai:

oidBoy ist eine selten coole Socke und alle anderen sind SOnderschüler

Lang lebe das großartige nordkoreanische Volk und gepriesen seien seine Errungenschaften um den internationalen Frieden!

Kim Jong-un am 01.02.2012
> "Oder ist "Trfferliste" nordkoreanisch"

"Trfferliste" ist koreanisch und bedeutet soviel wie "gepriesen sei unser großer und geliebter Führer Kim Jong-un, Sohn des großen Kim Jong-il und Enkel des ewigen Präsidenten Kim Il-sung"

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